Technology's Negative Influence on Education

Cell Phones

A couple of new types of cell phones release each month.
        Cell phones are a major distraction within the classroom and this is known to be a true fact. While there are major distractions, cell phones are the number one distraction because of how hard they are to regulate. In our age, cell phones have become an all-in-one cheat sheet with the ability to find just about anything in a matter of minutes. Smartphones has made cell phones capabilities endless with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and etc. Cell phones are beginning to become a great nuisance to teachers and even cause some teachers to cross the line from a teacher into an enforcer. Teachers have to spend more time trying to spot out student’s texting in class than actually explaining the material trying to be taught.

        In the link above, you will find an recent article of a teacher (Sarah Schmitt) in Maryland that was fed up with cell phones in her class and her reaction.  The article identified Schmitt's anger with a quote referring to an incident where she literally threw a students phone saying, "If they want to get me mad, they know that will do it" (Bouchard). Schmitt is not the only teacher who feels this anger towards cell phones; teachers find it frustrating and quite disrespectful fro students to constantly use cell phones during class.  Later the author made a great point that, "Teachers, who for centuries have been the center of learning in the classroom, are seeing increasingly distracted students struggle to stay focused and succeed. Some, like Schmitt, are switching up their games to hold students' attention and teach the appropriate use of technology" (Bouchard). According to the 2010 Pew Research Study, it is a fact that teachers are not the center of attention like they should be anymore; stating that, "64 percent of teens with cell phones said they had texted in class and 43 percent said they texted in class at least once  a day" (Bouchard).
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