Technology's Negative Influence on Education


Take a deeper look into you.
        Technology continues to become more and more a part of everyday life for humanity. Technology both comes with positives and negative. In the classroom, negatives out way the positive effects. Technology does help with making fundamental things quicker such as: white boards instead of chalkboards and organizing grades; but technology has a greater negative effect.  From a negative aspect technology has become a scapegoat for many students. Technology has made it so that virtually any student can be a good student without any effort at all. In our day and age, the key to success within the classroom has become being able to search Google or download the right apps. Now, with the right apps a C student can easily become an A student without becoming any smarter. The idea of getting away with doing just enough is now adopted by the majority of our youth and is being condoned by equipping students with more and more technology. Schools are equipping students with technology in hopes off it aiding them to learn quicker and more efficiently; but it has been the total opposite with technology becoming the victim of humans natural instinct to find a short cut.

Pros and Cons

Technology is still a wonderful thing.
         While technology obviously brings society much joy and has become the answer to many problems in our age; technology's negative effects may just out way its positives. Technology has a list of positive contributions towards society including: entertainment, communication, making everyday tasks easier; but like everything else every positive effect has a negative effect. The negative effects of entertainment, communication, and ability to make life more manageable are evident in every classroom. The entertainment of mobile devices distracts nearly every student in the classroom whether it be texting, playing games, or surfing the net. Mobile devices also play a big role in communication by making it possible for students to easily communicate with each other when they should not be.  The power to communicate with virtually anyone is a major distraction and directly makes their educational life easier. Technology makes good grades effortless by providing students with the ability to search numerous search engines for any problem they come across. These positive effects become negative because of the environment they are in; in schools technology is too powerful to go uncontrolled and until we correctly establish guidelines for technology in schools technology will continue to hinder students success.


        Teachers both have positive and negative feelings towards technology in the classroom and uring my research, it was discovered that not only have students become dependent on technology; but teachers also for the advantages it provides them. Teachers love technological devices that assist them in doing everyday tasks in the classroom such as: whiteboards, projectors, and numerous software programs. While the teachers use of technology is being used for the good,  it is also causing somewhat a problem seeing that most of the devices they receive can be retrieved by students and strengthens students desire for that product.For more, see Teachers.


        Technology has already integrated its negative effects into classroom and convinced students that technology is taking no toll on their education. According to Maureen Ebben, Ph.D., "Many students mistakenly believe that technology allows them to do several things at once and do them well" (Bouchard). For more, see Students.

Cell phones

        Cell phones are a major distraction within the classroom and this is known to be a true fact. While there are major distractions, cell phones are the number one distraction because of how hard they are to regulate.  For more, see Cell phones.